Coach men bag how to identify true and false

Coach’s premier US brand that specializes in men’s and women’s boutique accessories and gifts. Coach Coach is a brand that is very popular with people in the country. However, there are always some unscrupulous businessmen in the market who are mercenary and they are unscrupulous and shoddy. In order to protect their legitimate rights and interests, we must resolutely defend our legal rights and refuse fake coach bags and shoddy products. Let’s share how coach men’s bag can identify true and false.

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For Coach Coach bags with classic C-knitted fabrics, the Coach Coach’s “C” color is more obvious. Taking black and white as an example here, the genuine color is very distinct due to the high density of knitting, and the color of the proof is dark due to insufficient stitches.

In addition, most replica Coach handbags are symmetrically designed (except for a few parts). The C logo is symmetrical about the center of the bag. If the center has a suture, the C word will be symmetrical to each other along the joint. This symmetry is usually applied to the entire Coach Coach bag, while the Coach Coach (or A) is difficult to achieve overall consistency.

Undoubtedly, Coach Coach genuine bags are very delicate because of the fine workmanship, the stitches are even and the overall stitching is very smooth and consistent, without any extra threads. The anti-deal goods often appear various problems such as running line, broken line, jump stitch, uneven spacing, and many lines. The fact that the suture is actually viewed is not only applicable to the identification of Coach Coach bags, but also to the identification of other major brands.
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The zippers used in genuine Coach Coach bags are all YKK brand, and the zipper will have YKK mark. The zipper pulls smoothly without stifling. If there is a metal copper ring on the bag, the genuine copper ring will be a full ring, no cracks, and there will be cracks in the counterfeit goods, and the metal may use other materials than brass.

Genuine Coach Coach bag lining selection also pay attention

Coach Chi Chi genuine bag liner is very particular about the use of, if the bag is covered with a C-logo outside the fabric (called Signature fabric), then the liner will not use the “C”. The C-lined lining may only be used in leather Coaches or suede Coach Coach Bags. The liner density is high, smooth and strong, no slipping and other phenomena occur.

1. The sewing between the skin (cloth) and the skin (cloth) should be tight, the sewing between the zipper and the skin must be complete, and the new product must not be off the line.

2. The fluency of the zipper can be pulled to the bottom in one go without the card.

3. If you buy the Monogram series, pay attention to the size and angle of the letters.

4. The dust bag must be included. If it is not delivered, the clerk may have forgotten or is out of stock.