How To Tell If A Girl Likes You – The Three Signs

Although the short answer for how to tell if a girl likes you is “just go for it and ask her out for a drink, you’ll never know unless you ask,” some guys need a bit more concrete cues to figure it out. The issue of “does she like you” is involves dynamics that go beyond the initial “did she accept a first date” and your opening line introductions. If a girl pays attention to you, she has some interest to begin with.

But make sure that the girl you are thinking about does like you for sure before you act or make a move on your suspicions, like talking up forming a serious bond with each other. Signs that she really is in the “like you” zone include:

Contact. She will try to get in touch with you as often as she can. She might use an excuse to give her phone number to you, without you even asking for it. And if she is with you frequently, and is generally inquisitive regarding everything that interests you, then she obviously likes you. She may even eliminate the mystery of how to tell if a girl likes you, by telling you she does. You are surely blessed if the truth is established this clearly. Generally, women will tend to be subtle and coy, dropping hints and basically hanging around a guy, until he gets the point.

She’s Infatuated. You will look perfect in her eyes – you simply cannot do anything wrong! Once introduced, she will certainly try to keep the conversation going. She puts you on a pedestal, rather than the reverse routine of a guy over idolyzing the girl. You are way past the how to get a girl stage, if the girl is into you to this extent. In fact, this may be the time to double check whether this girl has any defects attached to her, like obsessiveness, clinginess or low-self-esteem. Did she get with you because she is needy or desperate? But extreme cases aside, if she is infatuated it’s safe to say she likes you.

She Seeks to Own You. When out with you (and especially when in a group), she will try her best to get your attention. If a girl likes you she will generally let her female counter parts know that she has marked her territory. She will try to intercept your wandering eye, to prevent you from even starting to plan how to get a girl other than her. If you are equally committed as well as into her as well, you will welcome the woman who has attached herself firmly to you. Not only does she like you, she is more then ready to discuss the direction your relationship is going.