How To Kiss A Girl The Right Way

Once a guy with Romance 101 skills manages to at last land a date, the next goal on the agenda becomes how to get a girl to kiss you. If you want to get physical (within reason) it’s important to get this right, or else you may end up at square one again trying to find someone from scratch. Kissing by itself is not a big deal, but it’s a gateway to more serious intimacy of either an emotional or physical kind. Some suggestions may help prevent this right of passage from turning into a train wreck:

Brush up. It pays to keep yourself hygienically approachable before getting underway seeking how to get a girl to kiss you. On a regular basis, brush your teeth and your tongue, and for goodness sake stay away from choices in food that give off bad scents, like onions or garlic. You can also keep your breath fresh by using gum or mints to back will good oral hygiene. Once this is taken care of, it’s best to wait until right moment presents itself during the date. If a girl is smiling and laughing with you in conversation, touching or making friendly contact with you (leaning her head against her shoulder) the time for kissing her is drawing near.

The next step is crucial: take your time! Slowly ease up towards the first kiss by sending nonverbal signs such as leaning towards her, or holding her hand and gently tugging it towards you. No macho grabbing or seizing or other movie cliché nonsense — the key to how to kiss a girl the first time is to set it up for her to do it to you, or to get her to clearly welcome you doing it to her. The first time, only her face and arms are fair game, so do not reach for sensitive spots like her hips, butt or breasts. Frankly, a little restraint now will buy you the store later. Wait for her to mirror or match your gentle non-verbal signals. Never force a kiss on her!

Finally, by this stage of this how to, kiss a girl, and do so sincerely, but in a short and closed mouth manner. Do a soft peck type kiss, check how she takes it, then kiss again, with another short close-mouthed peck. If you doing this correctly she will respond positively and progressively accept longer and more heated kisses. Eventually you can start doing exploratory smacking down the side of the neck and such, but always give her a chance to pull away if you’re going faster than she wants.

Slow but steady wins this race. Learn a lesson from the cartoons — Bluto is usually doing well wooing Olive, until he hurriedly grips her and demands “now how about that kiss,” at which point she totally rejects him. The whole trick behind how to kiss a girl  is lay yourself out before her, so that she “gives in” and chooses to grip you. Keep your expectations low on the first kiss and keep the approach gentle, and she will reward you in time with more satisfying, even open mouth kisses later.