How To Get A Girl’s Phone Number

Well, how do you get a girl’s number? Your quest for a definitive answer to how to get a girl to surrender the digits might be difficult, but maybe not hopeless. Many women have reported how they happen to give a number to a man who asked for it. Here’s how it works. Often times you will get a number, but it could turn out to be the police station, or the mortician’s office, etc. This result means you were a victim of a girl’s “soft” rejection of you, based on your lousy approach to her. It’s a first report card, that says you flunked. You better make a good first impression, or believe me, you’ll never get a second chance to make that first impression.

If you’re going to get a number, share a number. Say, “look, I’d like to give you my business card and I’d like to share numbers with you. Maybe we can have lunch.” Give her a reason to give you that number. If there’s not a reason, why should

she bother? Because you’re a celebrity? Maybe not. She’s going to give you that number, maybe her work number on her card, she’s thinking, “alright, this man is going to ask me to lunch. He seems to want to share business cards. He’s not just asking for my number. We’re going to give each other numbers with the intent of having lunch.” This is how to get a girl to build enough trust in you to disclose.

What women report as good technique, is to offer lunch. What is good about lunch? Well, it has a beginning and it has an end. If she doesn’t like you or if you don’t like her, you don’t have to put up with each other. Lunch is over at one o’clock. From noon to one, that’s it. Life goes on. If you happen to click in that lunchtime, fine. Then you’ll see each other again. That’s how it works. You may notice that your get-her-number effort dovetails nicely with the “how to ask a girl out” project. Use the approach to offer the date straight away, which in turn makes the swap of contact numbers natural and necessary.

Let’s sum it up how to get a girl to deliver the phone number. Have a plan, and charm some info from her, including offering up info about yourself first. Comment about the enviroment, weather or something like that, anything to get her to talk. as part of introductions. Be confident and give her undivided attention. Make her feel special and comfortable, and talk her up as time allows. Use the proposed date as bait, to get her digits. When all else fails, try to get her email, chat or Facebook contact data if you think online communication will work better.