How To Get A Girl You Like – The Alpha Male Way

Alpha males, guys who are secure in their personalities, are the type of man you should aspire to be from the point of view of dating. These guys know how to get a girl they like, and how to make them like them. Your goal should be to emulate their technique, from first approach to a girl onward. Some pointers on the alpha way with women:

Posture. Women are attracted to men’s personalities, just as guys are attracted to girls physically, so be the chick magnet. Talk to her and learn quickly what she likes and dislikes. Then see what you can do to impress her—mainly a matter of making her learn to impress you. Self-confidence is the key and it’s simpler than you may think. She shouldn’t be a challenge for you—-always make yourself a challenge for her. This is how to get a girl to like you in almost all cases as an alpha male.

Do not pamper her. Just be natural and relaxed. Maintain steady eye contact all the time. Don’t go over the top trying to impress her with jokes or facts. Rather, act like a guy who can get any woman in the room, and the girl will feel compelled to impress you. Yes, these are generalizations, but is the truth in general.

Take your time calling her back. Pretend you’re leaving when you feel like she’s enjoying your company. Make her feel like she has to work harder to keep you, for the best way how to get a girl to like you is when she feels like she has EARNED you. This way she will never get the impression you are needy or desperate, because you aren’t. You are training her to be the girl who needs you, not the other way around.

Give her a gift on the first date. Not because you’re trying to impress her (although that might happen), but as a reward for how she impressed you. This will set you apart from the pack, and communicate that she, too, is an exception, so long as she continues to impress you. One secret of how to get a girl to like you, is to set the rules up regarding the “her impressing you” dynamic to the point where she may start sending you gifts.

Stay consistent with this, meaning place a high value on yourself, make her earn your attention, and hang out with as many women as possible. Be the alpha male from the outset, and how to get a girl you like will no longer be a goal, but a reality.