How To Get A Girl Who Is Shy Or Quiet

Many guys have wondered about how to talk to a quiet girl, that shy but attractive woman who is less provocative in public than her brassy peers. It’s important to recognize that everyone has sort out their own pace of life, or their own way of communicating. Quiet girls usually talk with their ears and eyes rather then mouth. Reading them correctly is how to get a girl who may be shy, but otherwise perfect for you.This is especially the case if you are also a bit shy or introverted. The dynamic for how to ask a girl out in this case becomes one of “manning up,” because if you don’t make the move, she certainly won’t.

If you come across someone who’s particularly shy, or nervous, or just quiet, the best thing to do is to keep to that level. You never want to overwhelm someone or to be really loud and abrasive with someone. Overall, just give her some time to get comfortable around you. Also, try and get her alone, as being around a bunch of people can be intimidating. Compliments will help build her confidence in you, but just taking the trouble to spend time with her should come across to the woman as a compliment. How to get a girl like this depends on making the attempt, as such women may greatly appreciate any attention she can get from a guy.

It’s especially important to not necessarily cue them in to the fact that they are quiet. You don’t need to constantly mention something you’ve noticed about someone. So, saying “jeez, you’re really quiet” or “pep up, liven up” isn’t going to work. Quiet girls usually know they are that way, and in many cases are going through a phase of insecurity that is creating her lack of pep. Instead, try to put her at ease and talk about things that interest her, so she’ll be more apt to respond. Ask her questions that require more than a yes/no response, to draw out more information.

Your best bet as to how to get a girl who is quiet is to be calm and quiet with them. Let them slowly work into full conversations with you. The more you feel at ease with someone, the more comfortable you make them feel, the better your conversation and flirtation process will be in the end. Again, her quietness is likely a phase in her life. If you establish a long term bond with her, and she feels secure in her interaction with a guy, you may be surprised to see how quickly she becomes a forward, talkative and even assertive woman.