How To Get A Girl When You’re Shy

There are hordes of introverted guys who get cold feet when they are in a position to talk with girls. They don’t know how to get a girl, because they’re too shy, and/or too lacking in confidence to try to solve the problem. If you are one of these guys, you may feel as though life is just passing you by and so are all the beautiful women. You may just need more social skills in general, so start talking more to people and making friends. You could take up some hobbies, things you’re interested in, look into some of the things that people around you are interested in. But you must take action to improve your self confidence, sooner than later. A few suggestions:

Practice how. To get a girl, the first thing you should do when you go out is NOT to go looking for a girlfriend. Just talk to any girl that you know will listen, to get in the habit of being able to talk to women. Don’t put any pressure on the conversation. Learn to prompt a discussion, but direct the flow of the conversation by asking intelligent questions. In time, you will know how to at least begin a productive first conversation with women you are looking to pick up. The trial period will get you enough real time exposure with women to make it easier to overcome your nervousness.

Do Research. Put some time in reading about how to approach girls for the first time. one surprising thing you may discover from your study is that a lot of girls find shy guys cute, which tells a lot. There is a degree of shyness that appeals to girls. Where possible, go out with friends of both sexes and watch and learn how they handle themselves around the opposite sex. You may also find out from observation that there are a lot of hot looking shy women out there. Or, if you dare, you could focus your “how to get a girl” project on talking to those shy women, so that at least the social playing field between you and her is even.

Establish you are not a doormat. Don’t put girls on a pedestal. Flirt with them and tease them. Let them know that you are the prize. Mock a girl when she’s going too far, this reminds her who’s taking charge of the conversation. Where you can, make sure that you have hobbies and interests where you are likely to meet single women. You can then rely on that hobby as your crutch to get through engaging a woman in a first conversation. If she’s still interested, she’ll be in contact, and you can continue from there. This is how to get a girl you like despite still having an issue with shyness, so now your’re out of excuses. Get out there and start talking to girls!