How To Get A Girl To Like You 101

Impressing a girl is a needed ingredient for succeeding in your romance project called “how to get a girl to like you.” You can easily make any and every girl like you as and when you please. You have to believe in you, and get into the girl’s head such that she ends up believing in you, too. The men who are more or less great with women, and are always high on self esteem and confidence around women, get women chasing them. They always like to be seen, and always think of themselves as being the catch. Be a guy like this, and the girls will follow. More tips:

Confidence plus Arrogance equals Conquest. Be a nice bad-boy (yes, it’s an oxymoron, but yes, it works). Women (most of them, anyway) actually prefer a jerk exterior with a nice inner core out of their men. This is the mirror of the “hooker with the heart of gold” fantasy of many guys. Girls can smell confidence and honesty, and if you show it you will sweep a lot of girls off of their feet. Be yourself—women will either like you or not, and if they don’t, they aren’t worth your time. Carrying that attitude with you into your dates, is one of the easiest ways to get a girl.

Mix it Up. Whenever you take the girl out on a date, try to go to different places. Wherever you go, never forget to flirt. Make a few brief eye-to-eye glances, release a few smiles, and most of all, enjoy whatever it is you’re doing. The combination of shifting locations and constant flirting is how to get a girl to like you, as it will create an impression in her mind of a certain richness in her dates with you. So many distinct, unique experiences, she will think—meanwhile that other guy took her to the same Joe Vanilla movie theater every week. See the difference?

Relate to the Max. Make her feel that you really know her inside out. The best way to do this is by being honest. Say what you would like to say, in the nicest manner possible.Be there to counsel and advise her, talk to her and let her feel at ease around you. Help with her coat, hold her hand when in a crowd; be polite and loving. In terms of how to get a girl to like you, this basically “seals the deal” wih a lady emotionally, by giving her a relational basis for being with you. She’ll think you have opened up, and will continue to be attracted to on an “internal” basis, so outward symbols will no longer be needed.