How To Get A Girl To Kiss You The First Kiss!

One of the greatest moments of life is that instance when a man and woman inItialize their romance with a lip lock. Many eagerly seek pointers on how to get a girl to that point, or how to initiate a first kiss. Guys often treat this as a most difficult thing, saying they just never know when a woman is ready for them to move in for the kill. If you’re lucky, a woman might do it for you, but most likely, you’re going to have to decide when the time is appropriate. It’s actually quite a natural outcome to achieve, if you spend enough time with a girl and build to it. So here are a few tips to help you know when the time is right.

First of all, a first kiss should happen within the first three days. It can happen on the first date, it can happen on the second date, or on the third date.Note, these do not have to be three consecutuive calendar days, but anytime after the third dating encounter, and you’ve probably missed many ample opportunities to kiss her, most likely making her feel unattractive. There’s just as much pressure to do it, to wait long enough, as there is to have waited too long. The secret to how to kiss a girl that first time is to remove the pressure, while creating a sense of inevitability to it.

If you softly prompt her first, how to get a girl to kiss you amounts to reading her to know when she’s ready. The best way to kiss a woman for the first time, is to sense a time when you really think that she looks beautiful, whether she’s sitting, smiling, or the wind is blowing just right. She, in turn, will likely sense your affectionate look, and know it’s time to be kissed. Usually you can feel it in your gut when you really want to kiss a woman. Now the best way to do that, to touch her somewhere else first, whether it be her knee, or her shoulder, or her neck, to clarify that you’re moving in for contact. You don’t just want to move in with the kiss, or you might scare her off.

So, with a little touch here, a little touch there, then eye contact, you have to look a woman in the eye. Once you touched her, and you looked her in the eye, smile, she’s probably going to be aware of your next move. That first kiss should make your stomach flip in a good way, for both the guy or gal, and leave you both wanting more. Don’t rush, stick your tongue down her throat, or make slurping noises—soft peck and short nibble here and there, and continue as she permits. With the first kiss in place, how to get a girl to the second or third kissing exchange and beyond, becomes much easier.