How To Get A Girl To Kiss You Faster – Top 3 Ways

One of the flashpoints of a new romance is the kiss. Depending upon the vibe you develop your interaction skills, it can take almost no time, or eternity to get to that point. If you don’t know how to get a girl to kiss you, you can be comforted in knowing that this is a learnable skill, requiring little more than patience, grooming and observation in order to master. It also takes some practice runs to get right, so you should plan on getting a couple of dates under your belt to get to the moment fast or faster. Here are three basic factors you need to get her to make the move:

First, Get it Started. Create attraction by flirting with her, bantering, and expressing your outstanding qualities. Be ingenious, witty and charming, kind of the way you have seen it done by guys you know who are, well, relaxed and assertive people. Girls seem to love that kind of thing in a guy, at least for the introductory dates leading to that first kiss. In some cases, it will take you almost no time figuring out  how to get a girl to kiss you because the chemistry you create exactly matches what she needs in order to respond you.

Next, Lean in to Get It, with Confidence. Go give her lots of stuff and favors, from giving a woman flowers, to buying her drinks, taking her out to dinner, and so forth. Take your time, go at her pace—she might want to be blocking lips with you now, but she’s just not over her ex, or some other situation. Talk to her about it but don’t pressure her, just be cool about things. Give her a physical suggestion, that paves the way for her to answer with a physical action. Gently tug her arm, and test whether she’s ready by edging your face close to hers. How to get a girl to kiss you is as simple as calmly putting yourself in front of her as a charming piece of meat—she’ll take a bite eventually!

Third, Keep the Setting Romantic and Hygienic. Your liaisons should both set the mood, and maintain it once set, to keep the lady on track to be kissing you. Go to a private, romantic space where the two of you can feel comfortable. Take care of your dental hygiene. Make sure that you brush your teeth and use mouthwash or mints, as nothing kills the mood for kissing faster than bad breath. Dress neater, look cleaner, etc., so that nothing ever breaks the romantic zone. After you’ve done this long enough, she will have a positive image of you that will keep you “kissable” even if the setting isn’t perfect. That’s how to get a girl to kiss you, and keep on kissing.