How To Get A Girl Through Flirting

The art and science of flirting for guys comes down to a simple balance being positive, while teasing your potential date. Flirting has always been a reliable tactic as far as how to get a girl is concerned, because done correctly it simultaneously breaks the ice, charms the girl, and instills a sense of confidence about you (as somebody who can take the lead and go for it) with that lady. A positive atmosphere created by a clever comment encourages her by reinforcing that she is a catch, while taking away the “pedestal” issue — if you’re not treating her like a goddess, and actually poking a little fun at her, it levels the playing field such that she may look at you as the catch.

It’s helpful to always be aware that the quality of your opening line has almost nothing to do with whether she bites or not. The best line in the world will not work on a girl who does not want you, while the lamest clinch a imaginable may be just how to get the girl you like to give up her phone number or e-mail. What is important is that she be in the right mood to receive you, or can be put into that mode based on the atmosphere you create on your approach. If you say whatever line you’re going with, it needs to sound enthusiastic, without a drop of moaning or worse, desperation.

It could be in the form of, for example, the turnaround opener where you walk up to her and say “you’re awful (strategic pause) — awful pretty.” Make her laugh, as her first reaction to you. Another variation is the restaurant line where (especially if the girl has an ethnic look) you ask “Mexican, or Italian?” If she replies one of the other, or neither, you reply “oh, I was asking which restaurant you want to go to with me later.” Follow-up a positive opener with introductions (always of yourself first) and then your first attempt at a gentle barb in her direction — if she indicates yes to a suggested date you might joke “wow, I didn’t know you were that easy,” or similar flirty brashness.

The concept is to maintain a balance between showing interest in her while holding a stance that indicates you don’t need her in order to find happiness or to be self-assured. This is how to get the girl to both pursue you in return, and feel happy about the experience. Most girls in locations that are known pickup spots (bars, parties, etc.) expect to be approached, and may even be a little jaded. If she receives you as a humorous person who flatters her without being her doormat, she may very likely pick you up, and be on your arm on your way out of the place.