How To Ask A Girl Out – The Best Ways

Do you think of yourself as a player, or played out, or clueless as to how to play? You may actually be either, or none of the above, but it has a great deal to do with how to get a girl if it’s how you project yourself to others. Men ask themselves all the time why that dog faced moron is walking out with a hot chick, while stable, nice and sweet little old me has nothing? It’s all in the attitude. If you think you’re struggling loser, chances are some girls will read that demeanor on you if you summon up the nerve to ask them out (or more likely, fail to ask). Here’s a few tricks to change your image and make that approach happen:

First, if this is someone you have known for a while in the neighborhood or at work, think yourself into a more confident zone, based on the knowledge that her familiarity with you should be to your advantage. Women often turn down advances from total strangers, as they are looking for a secure man that will take care of them. Since she has known you for so long, percentages are high that she will give you a shot based on already knowing you are safe to be around. How to ask a girl out is to get a first meeting in a daytime public spot both of you know, to have a casual first date that is all talk, and use that occasion the rich to a more formal and intimate date.

If your goal is to go after new women, however, you will have to go places where you think that the girls you want are at, be that the club, the party event, or other supposed pickup spot. Once there, take on the attitude of a winner, that is, the self image of someone who believes women should be trying to meet you, and not the other way around. The dog faced bad boys may be too long on selfish ego, but they have the “if these girls don’t dig me, they’re missing out” dynamic right — which is exactly how to get the girl. Ask the girl out in a manner suggesting you see potential in her best realized if she can be squeezed into your schedule. Flirt, complement, but ensure she sees you as a confident suitor.

A third path for engineering how to get a girl to go out you to use the social approach. This is a cutting edge method where you consciously set up a context that communicates prior social approval of you to the lady. One example of this is that recent commercial where a guy at a party approaches a table with a girl and her mom, and invites the mother for a dance. If the girl’s grateful mother approves of the guy, picking up the girl is a cinch. Try it — if the girls with other women, approached a group, complement the target girl and ask for a date in front of the others. Once she “consults” with her friends, and finds they all approve of you, you’re very likely to woo the target of your interest.