How To Ask A Girl Out – Essential Tips

Only a few men out there actually know how to ask a girl out the right way. It’s neither a question of technique, ultimately, or about mastering the “magic line” to oPen with. It’s all about is carrying the right attitude and feeling positIve about yourself when you approach a girl. Women appreciate confident men and they feel better with themselves if one such man asks them out. They can even judge whether a guy is shy, sweet, caring, arrogant, fake etc. all from the way they pop the question. From accepting you as you are, or at least the best parts of yourself you put forward, you can get a date, a kiss, and eventually romance from a girl.

There will always be butterflies in the stomach when it comes to making the first move. How to ask a girl out means working past that internal chaos, and presenting yourself externally as good dating material. Women look up to healthy and good-looking men. Being mysterious is also listed as a positive trait in a woman’s book. Refine or groom yourself as best as possible to make those impressions. If you want to be more innovative, you could even consider using a “wing woman,” a girl who will accompany you to a bar or lounge, and go up to attractive women with the ultimate goal of making that first introduction. This outsourcing method sidesteps both your making opening lines or facing rejection yourself.

Say something nice to her, after you have introduced yourself, while being careful not to look desperate or needy. It’s alright to tease her about her looks, but be sure she knows you’re just joking around. Talk to her a lot, if you can, before you ask her. If you’re shy, talk to women on social networking sites or other online methods. In fact, many dating gurus advise getting the “online digits” (email, text, IM chat handle) is the preferred way how to get a girl, as she may be more willing to give up that contact data than a phone number.

Keeping things light and fun is essential to making first impressions. Make your date request casual and light—it’s less threatening is to ask her out for a cup of coffee. Or, ask an open mouth question as your introduction—e.g., “fancy going to the movies?”—or similar “wanna date?” kind of line. How to ask a girl out involves a bit of rejection on your side, too—if you really like the woman, only good things can happen from you telling your target how you feel because even if they’re not interested, at least you can move on and stop wasting time on them.