How To Ask A Girl Out By Improving Your Odds

1. Make a Non-Committal Date Offer. After polite introductions, use “would you like to go out with me sometime?” as your way how to ask a girl out—no details, no restaurant, no meet-up time. Just get a lady to commit to being open to going out with you.Then ask for her number, and contact her later to suggest specifics, or sort out when you are both available. Don’t try to accomplish too much upon first approach, and it will improve your odds of achieving what little you are trying to get. It also takes some pressure off the girl to decide everything at once, based on your mere “come here often?” opening line.

2. Location, Location, Location. The new way how to ask a girl out is to go to environments that are the new “hot spots” for getting dates, or where girls are starved for getting that kind of attention. If you’re a college age guy, for example, try a campus. Surprisingly many college girls complain today that no guy seems to want to formally, date or have a girlfriend anymore. Instead, for them it is all about getting to know as many girls as possible. You can be the exception, even if you’re not a student, to land the date-hungry young woman. Another extreme example would be to relocate to areas where there are more eligible women than men.

3. Girl-Heavy Activity. Another venue that is volcanic hot these days are yoga classes.  A yoga class connects you with lots of fit-conscious women in a setting most guys shun, meaning you have the jungle mostly to themself. Guys who are inclined to do things that are mostly attended by girls tend to vastly improve thier ability to get a girl. Other examples in this category include cooking, sewing, or ballroom dance classes. Pick the hobbies you are genuinely interested in that happen to be girl “watering holes” and go for the game. This is an optimal way to ensure a girl will in fact hook up with you.

4. Be The Man Who’s Where It’s At. Instead of asking a woman out, tell her what you’re doing, and then tell her she can come along if she wants. If you both work or go to the same school and you find yourselves frequently enjoying coffee at the cafeteria, then be confident that she will accept to go out with you. Play the role of the man who’s out there having fun, living his life, and letting other people come along for the ride. The secret to how to ask a girl out is to present yourself as the center of the excitement, or somebody who is going to be out there and happy regardless of whether a girl is with him.