How To Tell If A Girl Likes You – The Three Signs

Although the short answer for how to tell if a girl likes you is “just go for it and ask her out for a drink, you’ll never know unless you ask,” some guys need a bit more concrete cues to figure it out. The issue of “does she like you” is involves dynamics that go beyond the initial “did she accept a first date” and your opening line introductions. If a girl pays attention to you, she has some interest to begin with.

But make sure that the girl you are thinking about does like you for sure before you act or make a move on your suspicions, like talking up forming a serious bond with each other. Signs that she really is in the “like you” zone include:

Contact. She will try to get in touch with you as often as she can. She might use an excuse to give her phone number to you, without you even asking for it. And if she is with you frequently, and is generally inquisitive regarding everything that interests you, then she obviously likes you. She may even eliminate the mystery of how to tell if a girl likes you, by telling you she does. You are surely blessed if the truth is established this clearly. Generally, women will tend to be subtle and coy, dropping hints and basically hanging around a guy, until he gets the point.

She’s Infatuated. You will look perfect in her eyes – you simply cannot do anything wrong! Once introduced, she will certainly try to keep the conversation going. She puts you on a pedestal, rather than the reverse routine of a guy over idolyzing the girl. You are way past the how to get a girl stage, if the girl is into you to this extent. In fact, this may be the time to double check whether this girl has any defects attached to her, like obsessiveness, clinginess or low-self-esteem. Did she get with you because she is needy or desperate? But extreme cases aside, if she is infatuated it’s safe to say she likes you.

She Seeks to Own You. When out with you (and especially when in a group), she will try her best to get your attention. If a girl likes you she will generally let her female counter parts know that she has marked her territory. She will try to intercept your wandering eye, to prevent you from even starting to plan how to get a girl other than her. If you are equally committed as well as into her as well, you will welcome the woman who has attached herself firmly to you. Not only does she like you, she is more then ready to discuss the direction your relationship is going.

How To Kiss A Girl The Right Way

Once a guy with Romance 101 skills manages to at last land a date, the next goal on the agenda becomes how to get a girl to kiss you. If you want to get physical (within reason) it’s important to get this right, or else you may end up at square one again trying to find someone from scratch. Kissing by itself is not a big deal, but it’s a gateway to more serious intimacy of either an emotional or physical kind. Some suggestions may help prevent this right of passage from turning into a train wreck:

Brush up. It pays to keep yourself hygienically approachable before getting underway seeking how to get a girl to kiss you. On a regular basis, brush your teeth and your tongue, and for goodness sake stay away from choices in food that give off bad scents, like onions or garlic. You can also keep your breath fresh by using gum or mints to back will good oral hygiene. Once this is taken care of, it’s best to wait until right moment presents itself during the date. If a girl is smiling and laughing with you in conversation, touching or making friendly contact with you (leaning her head against her shoulder) the time for kissing her is drawing near.

The next step is crucial: take your time! Slowly ease up towards the first kiss by sending nonverbal signs such as leaning towards her, or holding her hand and gently tugging it towards you. No macho grabbing or seizing or other movie cliché nonsense — the key to how to kiss a girl the first time is to set it up for her to do it to you, or to get her to clearly welcome you doing it to her. The first time, only her face and arms are fair game, so do not reach for sensitive spots like her hips, butt or breasts. Frankly, a little restraint now will buy you the store later. Wait for her to mirror or match your gentle non-verbal signals. Never force a kiss on her!

Finally, by this stage of this how to, kiss a girl, and do so sincerely, but in a short and closed mouth manner. Do a soft peck type kiss, check how she takes it, then kiss again, with another short close-mouthed peck. If you doing this correctly she will respond positively and progressively accept longer and more heated kisses. Eventually you can start doing exploratory smacking down the side of the neck and such, but always give her a chance to pull away if you’re going faster than she wants.

Slow but steady wins this race. Learn a lesson from the cartoons — Bluto is usually doing well wooing Olive, until he hurriedly grips her and demands “now how about that kiss,” at which point she totally rejects him. The whole trick behind how to kiss a girl  is lay yourself out before her, so that she “gives in” and chooses to grip you. Keep your expectations low on the first kiss and keep the approach gentle, and she will reward you in time with more satisfying, even open mouth kisses later.

How To Get A Girl Through Flirting

The art and science of flirting for guys comes down to a simple balance being positive, while teasing your potential date. Flirting has always been a reliable tactic as far as how to get a girl is concerned, because done correctly it simultaneously breaks the ice, charms the girl, and instills a sense of confidence about you (as somebody who can take the lead and go for it) with that lady. A positive atmosphere created by a clever comment encourages her by reinforcing that she is a catch, while taking away the “pedestal” issue — if you’re not treating her like a goddess, and actually poking a little fun at her, it levels the playing field such that she may look at you as the catch.

It’s helpful to always be aware that the quality of your opening line has almost nothing to do with whether she bites or not. The best line in the world will not work on a girl who does not want you, while the lamest clinch a imaginable may be just how to get the girl you like to give up her phone number or e-mail. What is important is that she be in the right mood to receive you, or can be put into that mode based on the atmosphere you create on your approach. If you say whatever line you’re going with, it needs to sound enthusiastic, without a drop of moaning or worse, desperation.

It could be in the form of, for example, the turnaround opener where you walk up to her and say “you’re awful (strategic pause) — awful pretty.” Make her laugh, as her first reaction to you. Another variation is the restaurant line where (especially if the girl has an ethnic look) you ask “Mexican, or Italian?” If she replies one of the other, or neither, you reply “oh, I was asking which restaurant you want to go to with me later.” Follow-up a positive opener with introductions (always of yourself first) and then your first attempt at a gentle barb in her direction — if she indicates yes to a suggested date you might joke “wow, I didn’t know you were that easy,” or similar flirty brashness.

The concept is to maintain a balance between showing interest in her while holding a stance that indicates you don’t need her in order to find happiness or to be self-assured. This is how to get the girl to both pursue you in return, and feel happy about the experience. Most girls in locations that are known pickup spots (bars, parties, etc.) expect to be approached, and may even be a little jaded. If she receives you as a humorous person who flatters her without being her doormat, she may very likely pick you up, and be on your arm on your way out of the place.


How To Get A Girl When You’re Shy

There are hordes of introverted guys who get cold feet when they are in a position to talk with girls. They don’t know how to get a girl, because they’re too shy, and/or too lacking in confidence to try to solve the problem. If you are one of these guys, you may feel as though life is just passing you by and so are all the beautiful women. You may just need more social skills in general, so start talking more to people and making friends. You could take up some hobbies, things you’re interested in, look into some of the things that people around you are interested in. But you must take action to improve your self confidence, sooner than later. A few suggestions:

Practice how. To get a girl, the first thing you should do when you go out is NOT to go looking for a girlfriend. Just talk to any girl that you know will listen, to get in the habit of being able to talk to women. Don’t put any pressure on the conversation. Learn to prompt a discussion, but direct the flow of the conversation by asking intelligent questions. In time, you will know how to at least begin a productive first conversation with women you are looking to pick up. The trial period will get you enough real time exposure with women to make it easier to overcome your nervousness.

Do Research. Put some time in reading about how to approach girls for the first time. one surprising thing you may discover from your study is that a lot of girls find shy guys cute, which tells a lot. There is a degree of shyness that appeals to girls. Where possible, go out with friends of both sexes and watch and learn how they handle themselves around the opposite sex. You may also find out from observation that there are a lot of hot looking shy women out there. Or, if you dare, you could focus your “how to get a girl” project on talking to those shy women, so that at least the social playing field between you and her is even.

Establish you are not a doormat. Don’t put girls on a pedestal. Flirt with them and tease them. Let them know that you are the prize. Mock a girl when she’s going too far, this reminds her who’s taking charge of the conversation. Where you can, make sure that you have hobbies and interests where you are likely to meet single women. You can then rely on that hobby as your crutch to get through engaging a woman in a first conversation. If she’s still interested, she’ll be in contact, and you can continue from there. This is how to get a girl you like despite still having an issue with shyness, so now your’re out of excuses. Get out there and start talking to girls!


How To Ask A Girl Out – Essential Tips

Only a few men out there actually know how to ask a girl out the right way. It’s neither a question of technique, ultimately, or about mastering the “magic line” to oPen with. It’s all about is carrying the right attitude and feeling positIve about yourself when you approach a girl. Women appreciate confident men and they feel better with themselves if one such man asks them out. They can even judge whether a guy is shy, sweet, caring, arrogant, fake etc. all from the way they pop the question. From accepting you as you are, or at least the best parts of yourself you put forward, you can get a date, a kiss, and eventually romance from a girl.

There will always be butterflies in the stomach when it comes to making the first move. How to ask a girl out means working past that internal chaos, and presenting yourself externally as good dating material. Women look up to healthy and good-looking men. Being mysterious is also listed as a positive trait in a woman’s book. Refine or groom yourself as best as possible to make those impressions. If you want to be more innovative, you could even consider using a “wing woman,” a girl who will accompany you to a bar or lounge, and go up to attractive women with the ultimate goal of making that first introduction. This outsourcing method sidesteps both your making opening lines or facing rejection yourself.

Say something nice to her, after you have introduced yourself, while being careful not to look desperate or needy. It’s alright to tease her about her looks, but be sure she knows you’re just joking around. Talk to her a lot, if you can, before you ask her. If you’re shy, talk to women on social networking sites or other online methods. In fact, many dating gurus advise getting the “online digits” (email, text, IM chat handle) is the preferred way how to get a girl, as she may be more willing to give up that contact data than a phone number.

Keeping things light and fun is essential to making first impressions. Make your date request casual and light—it’s less threatening is to ask her out for a cup of coffee. Or, ask an open mouth question as your introduction—e.g., “fancy going to the movies?”—or similar “wanna date?” kind of line. How to ask a girl out involves a bit of rejection on your side, too—if you really like the woman, only good things can happen from you telling your target how you feel because even if they’re not interested, at least you can move on and stop wasting time on them.


How To Get A Girl To Kiss You Faster – Top 3 Ways

One of the flashpoints of a new romance is the kiss. Depending upon the vibe you develop your interaction skills, it can take almost no time, or eternity to get to that point. If you don’t know how to get a girl to kiss you, you can be comforted in knowing that this is a learnable skill, requiring little more than patience, grooming and observation in order to master. It also takes some practice runs to get right, so you should plan on getting a couple of dates under your belt to get to the moment fast or faster. Here are three basic factors you need to get her to make the move:

First, Get it Started. Create attraction by flirting with her, bantering, and expressing your outstanding qualities. Be ingenious, witty and charming, kind of the way you have seen it done by guys you know who are, well, relaxed and assertive people. Girls seem to love that kind of thing in a guy, at least for the introductory dates leading to that first kiss. In some cases, it will take you almost no time figuring out  how to get a girl to kiss you because the chemistry you create exactly matches what she needs in order to respond you.

Next, Lean in to Get It, with Confidence. Go give her lots of stuff and favors, from giving a woman flowers, to buying her drinks, taking her out to dinner, and so forth. Take your time, go at her pace—she might want to be blocking lips with you now, but she’s just not over her ex, or some other situation. Talk to her about it but don’t pressure her, just be cool about things. Give her a physical suggestion, that paves the way for her to answer with a physical action. Gently tug her arm, and test whether she’s ready by edging your face close to hers. How to get a girl to kiss you is as simple as calmly putting yourself in front of her as a charming piece of meat—she’ll take a bite eventually!

Third, Keep the Setting Romantic and Hygienic. Your liaisons should both set the mood, and maintain it once set, to keep the lady on track to be kissing you. Go to a private, romantic space where the two of you can feel comfortable. Take care of your dental hygiene. Make sure that you brush your teeth and use mouthwash or mints, as nothing kills the mood for kissing faster than bad breath. Dress neater, look cleaner, etc., so that nothing ever breaks the romantic zone. After you’ve done this long enough, she will have a positive image of you that will keep you “kissable” even if the setting isn’t perfect. That’s how to get a girl to kiss you, and keep on kissing.

How To Get A Girl Who Is Shy Or Quiet

Many guys have wondered about how to talk to a quiet girl, that shy but attractive woman who is less provocative in public than her brassy peers. It’s important to recognize that everyone has sort out their own pace of life, or their own way of communicating. Quiet girls usually talk with their ears and eyes rather then mouth. Reading them correctly is how to get a girl who may be shy, but otherwise perfect for you.This is especially the case if you are also a bit shy or introverted. The dynamic for how to ask a girl out in this case becomes one of “manning up,” because if you don’t make the move, she certainly won’t.

If you come across someone who’s particularly shy, or nervous, or just quiet, the best thing to do is to keep to that level. You never want to overwhelm someone or to be really loud and abrasive with someone. Overall, just give her some time to get comfortable around you. Also, try and get her alone, as being around a bunch of people can be intimidating. Compliments will help build her confidence in you, but just taking the trouble to spend time with her should come across to the woman as a compliment. How to get a girl like this depends on making the attempt, as such women may greatly appreciate any attention she can get from a guy.

It’s especially important to not necessarily cue them in to the fact that they are quiet. You don’t need to constantly mention something you’ve noticed about someone. So, saying “jeez, you’re really quiet” or “pep up, liven up” isn’t going to work. Quiet girls usually know they are that way, and in many cases are going through a phase of insecurity that is creating her lack of pep. Instead, try to put her at ease and talk about things that interest her, so she’ll be more apt to respond. Ask her questions that require more than a yes/no response, to draw out more information.

Your best bet as to how to get a girl who is quiet is to be calm and quiet with them. Let them slowly work into full conversations with you. The more you feel at ease with someone, the more comfortable you make them feel, the better your conversation and flirtation process will be in the end. Again, her quietness is likely a phase in her life. If you establish a long term bond with her, and she feels secure in her interaction with a guy, you may be surprised to see how quickly she becomes a forward, talkative and even assertive woman.

How To Ask A Girl Out By Improving Your Odds

1. Make a Non-Committal Date Offer. After polite introductions, use “would you like to go out with me sometime?” as your way how to ask a girl out—no details, no restaurant, no meet-up time. Just get a lady to commit to being open to going out with you.Then ask for her number, and contact her later to suggest specifics, or sort out when you are both available. Don’t try to accomplish too much upon first approach, and it will improve your odds of achieving what little you are trying to get. It also takes some pressure off the girl to decide everything at once, based on your mere “come here often?” opening line.

2. Location, Location, Location. The new way how to ask a girl out is to go to environments that are the new “hot spots” for getting dates, or where girls are starved for getting that kind of attention. If you’re a college age guy, for example, try a campus. Surprisingly many college girls complain today that no guy seems to want to formally, date or have a girlfriend anymore. Instead, for them it is all about getting to know as many girls as possible. You can be the exception, even if you’re not a student, to land the date-hungry young woman. Another extreme example would be to relocate to areas where there are more eligible women than men.

3. Girl-Heavy Activity. Another venue that is volcanic hot these days are yoga classes.  A yoga class connects you with lots of fit-conscious women in a setting most guys shun, meaning you have the jungle mostly to themself. Guys who are inclined to do things that are mostly attended by girls tend to vastly improve thier ability to get a girl. Other examples in this category include cooking, sewing, or ballroom dance classes. Pick the hobbies you are genuinely interested in that happen to be girl “watering holes” and go for the game. This is an optimal way to ensure a girl will in fact hook up with you.

4. Be The Man Who’s Where It’s At. Instead of asking a woman out, tell her what you’re doing, and then tell her she can come along if she wants. If you both work or go to the same school and you find yourselves frequently enjoying coffee at the cafeteria, then be confident that she will accept to go out with you. Play the role of the man who’s out there having fun, living his life, and letting other people come along for the ride. The secret to how to ask a girl out is to present yourself as the center of the excitement, or somebody who is going to be out there and happy regardless of whether a girl is with him.

How To Ask A Girl Out – The Best Ways

Do you think of yourself as a player, or played out, or clueless as to how to play? You may actually be either, or none of the above, but it has a great deal to do with how to get a girl if it’s how you project yourself to others. Men ask themselves all the time why that dog faced moron is walking out with a hot chick, while stable, nice and sweet little old me has nothing? It’s all in the attitude. If you think you’re struggling loser, chances are some girls will read that demeanor on you if you summon up the nerve to ask them out (or more likely, fail to ask). Here’s a few tricks to change your image and make that approach happen:

First, if this is someone you have known for a while in the neighborhood or at work, think yourself into a more confident zone, based on the knowledge that her familiarity with you should be to your advantage. Women often turn down advances from total strangers, as they are looking for a secure man that will take care of them. Since she has known you for so long, percentages are high that she will give you a shot based on already knowing you are safe to be around. How to ask a girl out is to get a first meeting in a daytime public spot both of you know, to have a casual first date that is all talk, and use that occasion the rich to a more formal and intimate date.

If your goal is to go after new women, however, you will have to go places where you think that the girls you want are at, be that the club, the party event, or other supposed pickup spot. Once there, take on the attitude of a winner, that is, the self image of someone who believes women should be trying to meet you, and not the other way around. The dog faced bad boys may be too long on selfish ego, but they have the “if these girls don’t dig me, they’re missing out” dynamic right — which is exactly how to get the girl. Ask the girl out in a manner suggesting you see potential in her best realized if she can be squeezed into your schedule. Flirt, complement, but ensure she sees you as a confident suitor.

A third path for engineering how to get a girl to go out you to use the social approach. This is a cutting edge method where you consciously set up a context that communicates prior social approval of you to the lady. One example of this is that recent commercial where a guy at a party approaches a table with a girl and her mom, and invites the mother for a dance. If the girl’s grateful mother approves of the guy, picking up the girl is a cinch. Try it — if the girls with other women, approached a group, complement the target girl and ask for a date in front of the others. Once she “consults” with her friends, and finds they all approve of you, you’re very likely to woo the target of your interest.


How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Have you brooded over how to get a girl who got away, or broke up with you? There are many people who think break ups are an end to relationships, which is not totally correct. There are chances where you can save your relationship and to do this you must take an extra step forward to save it. If you are in such a situation and you are confused about what to do, follow the suggestions below. It will help you just like it helped all the other people who followed it. Do this if you want to get back to your ex:

Some people think that how to get a girl who was an ex-partner back by making them jealous. But this isn’t right. Remember that they were the people who broke up relations with you, and they would not come back to you if you make them jealous. This could in fact make them move further away from you. On the other hand, if you were the one who broke up the relationship, there is no need for you to even think of anything like jealousy, especially if you want to get back to your ex. If you want to get back to them, the last thing you should do is to go out with somebody else. Doing this will insult them and hurt them deeply. This just solidifies the issue of the break up.

Another thing you should never do is to be begging or pleading them to get back to you. That is NOT how to get a girl back, as it will make them think poorly about you. This will drop your confidence level and make your ex look down upon you instead of getting back to you. You definitely want your partner to look up at you when you are in a relationship. Try to stay away from them. Do not keep calling them, or keep sending text messages every time you think you need to tell them something. This is the time you stay away from each other and give each other enough space. Remember that even they are going through the same emotions, and they need some time out.

The right thing for you to do is to control your emotional state with care. This has helped a large number of people whose relationships have broken at a point of time. Doing this reflects that you are mature and you are becoming aware of how to tackle the situation rather than trying to do everything yourself with the fear of doing the wrong thing. This will help you get back to your ex love. Here is the most important question you must answer – Do you want to get back with your ex? If yes, then how to get a girl you like back is to actlike you have enough of a handle on things to make it worth it for the ex to give you another try.