About Me

Hi I’m Joe… If you are looking for the best way to get a girl I strongly recommend you to continue reading…

I will tell you my personal story about how my life changed over a couple of weeks.

My biggest problem was that I didn’t know how to start a conversation with a girl or how to keep it going and make her attracted to me.

I just got nervous around beautiful women. I tried to make them laugh but most of the times I failed. I didn’t want to end up alone or with some unattractive girl, so I knew I needed to learn how to get girls.

Some of my friends had read pick up theory… I hadn’t. I wanted to learn how to get girls, but I didn’t want to dedicate my life to it and become some kind of pick up artist with a pink hat and strange clothes. I just wanted to be me… but with more hotter girls.

I started searching for a way to easily learn how to attract girls.

I found a lot of stuff online but it was hard to tell which product was good so I bought most of them and tried them out… None of the techniques worked very well for me. They were unnatural and the girls could sense that I was “playing a game” with them.

I failed more than I actually got any girls so I gave up on it.

About 2 weeks later I saw a guy at a bar making out with an attractive girl, the guy was average looking… but it was something special about him, he seemed really confident. An hour later he was making out with another chick… I just stood there and looked at him… what did he have that I didn’t?

The next day I went to the same place and the same guy was there… now hanging out with 3 girls. They seemed to have a really good time.

The girls went to the toilet and the guy sat by himself at the bar… I started talking to him, I told him that I’d saw him yesterday making out with 2 girls.
He was laughing… and told me that he do that every time he goes out. I asked him “how do you do it?”.
He responded: I use humor to get girls…
Me: Ok, so did you learn to be funny or are u naturally a fun guy?
He told me a story about how he learned how to use a special kind of humor that attracted girls… It’s called High Status Humor.

He gave me a link to a website explaining more about the technique… as soon as I got home I saw the video.

The technique seemed to be the answer I’d been looking for… so I tried it out.

After about a few weeks I was using the technique and it was really working. Just by being funny I could easily get girls attention and the more I used it, the easier it was to get girls attracted to me.

Now it’s been over 4-5 months since I started using it and I’ve made out with over 20 girls and dated about 10. This website contains my story…